Powermax30 AIR plasma cutter

Despite its small size, the Powermax30® AIR delivers big performance. This small air plasma cutter the smallest, lightest handheld plasma cutter in its class includes its own built-in air compressor. That's right, it's a small plasma cutter with a built-in compressor so you can use the Powermax30 AIR anywhere theres single-phase power. Just plug it in, attach the work clamp and youre ready to cut. It's even dual-voltage. You can use it as a 120 V plasma cutter or at 240 V. Regardless of which power input (120 V or 240 V) you choose, we think you'll agree the Powermax30 AIR is the best plasma cutter with built-in compressor available today.

System information


Drag cutting

For dragging the torch directly across the work piece

Unsupported Applications

Extended reach cutting

For improved visibility and accessibility when cutting in confined spaces

Extended reach gouging

For improved visibility and accessibility when gouging in confined spaces

Fine feature cutting

For narrow kerf width with minimal dross and heat affected zone

Flush cutting

For cutting closer to base materials using a 45 degree


For scoring, indicating part identification, hole or weld locations

Max control gouging

For precise metal removal, shallower gouge profiles and light metal washing

Max removal gouging

For aggressive metal removal, deep gouge profiles, and extreme metal washing

Try Powermax125

Mechanized cutting

For portable automation and table cutting

Precision gouging

For spot and tack weld removal at very low output current (<25 A)


Easy to set up and operate

  • Internal compressor eliminates the need for an external air compressor and filter
  • Plug into any 120 or 240 V power (convenient Auto-Voltage technology and plug adapters included)

Superior performance in a compact package

  • Patent-pending consumable design enables consistent cutting by optimizing the airflow from the compact, internal compressor
  • Quickly cut metal grate or rusted metal without retriggering with the continuous pilot arc feature
  • Fast cutting speeds and superior cut quality let you finish jobs quicker, with fewer secondary operations

Relative cut performance on mild steel (chart)

Exceptional versatility

  • Just one tool is all you need to cut a variety of metal types and thicknesses
  • Small size and light weight let you take the Powermax30 AIR to the work, rather than bringing the work to the system an ideal solution for a wide range of cutting applications
  • Built to withstand heavy-duty use in the most demanding environments


Input voltages

120-240 V, 1-PH, 50/60 Hz

Input current @ 2.5 kW

120-240 V, 1-PH, 29-15 A

Output current

15-30 A

Rated output voltage

83 VDC

Duty cycle @ 40°C (104°F)

35%, 240 V

20%, 120 V

Open circuit voltage (OCV)

256 VDC

Dimensions with handles

420 mm (16.5") D; 195 mm (7.7") W; 333 mm (13.1") H

Weight w/ 4,5 m (15') torch

13.5 kg (29.8 lbs)

Input power cable length

3 m (10')

Power supply type

Inverter - IGBT

Engine drive requirement

5.5 kW for full 30 A output


CSA-certified for use in the Americas and Asia, except China CE, C-Tick, CU/GOST, Ukr, and Serbian for use in Europe, Australia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia, Serbia, Ukraine, and other countries where accepted.


Power supplies have a 3-year warranty and torches a 1-year warranty.

Cut capacity



Cut speed



8 mm (5/16")

500 mm/min (20 ipm)

10 mm (3/8")

250 mm/min (10 ipm)

Duty cycle @ 40°C (104°F)

16 mm (5/8")

125 mm/min (5 ipm)

Cutting with 120 V input power

The maximum recommended output of 20 A, the cut capacities are:

  • 3 mm (10 gauge) at 762 mm/min (30 ipm)
  • 6 mm (1/4") at 355 mm/min (14 ipm)
  • 10 mm (3/8") at 125 mm/min (5 ipm)

 Environmental stewardship is a core value of Hypertherm. Our Powermax products are engineered to meet and exceed global environmental regulations including the RoHS directive.

Buying information

Visit our where to buy page to find a potential partner, or contact Hypertherm directly if you need further assistance.

Power supply

System part number with 4,5 m (15') AIR T30 torch

120-240 V CSA with Building America decal


120-240 V CSA


System includes:

  • Power supply, AIR T30 hand torch with 4,5 m (15') lead and work clamp with 4,5 m (15') lead
  • 240 V/20 A plug with adapters for 120 V/15 A and 240 V/20 A circuits (CSA model)
  • Operator and safety manuals
  • 1 nozzle and 1 electrode
  • Carrying strap


Manuals and documents

Powermax30 AIR Operator Manual

Last updated 04/26/2022

PDF (5.34MB)   

Powermax30 AIR CSA datasheet

Last updated 02/15/2023

PDF (1.17MB)   

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