A Hypertherm Associates Brand

For more than 50 years, we have believed in the value of surpassing expectations. Its why we make continued investments in people. Its why we invest aggressively in ongoing product development. And its why we are Hypertherm Associates : a 100% employee-owned company composed of the industrial cutting technologies and solutions you know and trust so you can succeed like never before.

Shaping Possibility

Hypertherm Associates builds on our legacy of challenging whats achievable with the products we create, the culture we foster, and the experience we deliver. Whether plasma, waterjet, or the consumables, software, and services that enable connected factories and optimized performance, thesolutions to help you meet your business objectives are all found here.

Committing to Success

Behind our name lies a fundamental commitment to the success of people: our customers, partners, Associates, and communities. Our dedication to 100% Associate ownership is a direct result of that commitment. By maintaining complete independence from external shareholders or other corporate entities, we can focus on you to deliver exactly what you need. And because we work together moving toward a common goal, we are an energized workforce dedicated to delivering a consistently superior customer experience.

Leading the Industry

From aerospace to agriculture and energy to infrastructure, the people, brands, and technologies of Hypertherm Associates are already found everywhere advanced manufacturing is happening around the globe. In fact, hundreds of thousands of businesses are relying on our technologies and solutions right now for performance and reliability that help increase productivity and profitability. And thats why companies worldwide turn to Hypertherm Associates to build ships, airplanes, and railcars, to construct steel buildings and bridges, to fabricate heavy equipment and wind turbines, and a whole lot more.

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