Precise ignition and smooth, stable current flow are the baseline for every

model in our TIG welding equipment range. Optional remote control units

can be selected to suit either workshop or site conditions, allowing welders

to concentrate on quality.



The new master of AC and DC TIG welding, MasterTig sets new standards for weld quality, usability, and power efficiency. Its modular design ensures that your machine exactly meets your needs.


MinarcTig Evo

Kemppi dual-process welder for fine quality, mobile TIG and stick (MMA) welding with pulse TIG option.


MinarcTig 250 is an advanced dual-process model equipped with special features such as Minilog and pulsed arc function. This model is compatible and available with Flexlite TX torch models TX 225G and TX 165GF (4 & 8 m).

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