MAXPRO200 plasma system

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The MAXPRO200® LongLife® dual-gas plasma cutting system delivers exceptional performance and maximum consumable life for high capacity mechanized and handheld cutting and gouging.
570,000 THB
650,000 THB
570,000 THB


The MAXPRO200® LongLife® plasma cutting system is engineered for heavy-duty, high capacity automated and handheld cutting and gouging applications. The easy-to-use system operates with either air, oxygen, or nitrogen plasma gas, and combines fast cutting speeds and quick process changes to maximize productivity. Advanced Hypertherm consumable designs including LongLife® technology improve cut consistency and significantly increase consumable life to lower your cost per part.


Maximized productivity

  • Fastest cut speeds in its class produce more finished parts per hour
  • Engineered with 100% duty cycle for the most demanding production environments.
  • Automatic settings, tool free leads and optional quick disconnect torches let you quickly transition between cutting, gouging, mechanized and handheld processes
  • Superior cut quality and consistency minimize the need for costly secondary operations

Easy operation

  • Optimized cutting parameters are automatically set and controlled in one step to deliver consistent results without operator intervention
  • Advanced diagnostics simplify troubleshooting and service
  • Optional serial communications allow full control of the system from the CNC

Low operating cost

  • Patented consumable designs enable best in class cut speeds and robust production piercing using lower amperage levels
  • Advanced consumable technologies including LongLife, CoolFlow and TrueFlow significantly increase consumable life to reduce cost per part

Industry-leading reliability

  • Robust, simple system architecture with 50% fewer parts than most competitive systems
  • Best-in-class manufacturing and extensive testing ensure that every Hypertherm system meets the highest quality standards


Input voltages200/208 VAC, 3-PH, 50 Hz, 108/104 A
220 VAC, 3-PH, 50 60 Hz, 98 A
240 VAC, 3-PH, 60 Hz, 90 A
380 VAC, 3-PH, 50 Hz, 57 A
400 VAC, CE, 3-PH, 50 60 Hz, 54 A
415 VAC, CE, 3-PH, 50 Hz, 52 A
440 VAC, 3-PH, 50 60 Hz, 49 A
480 VAC, 3-PH, 60 Hz, 45 A
600 VAC, 3-PH, 60 Hz, 36 A
Output voltage50-165 VDC
Maximum output current200 A
Duty cycle rating100% @ 33 kW, at 40° C (104° F)
Operating temperature-10° C to 40° C (+14° F to +104° F)
Power factor0.98 @ 33 kW output
Maximum OCV360 VDC
Dimensions102 cm (40.14") H, 69 cm (27.12") W,
105 cm (41.23") L
Weight335 kg (740 lbs)
Gas supply
  Plasma gas
  Shield gas
  Supply gas pressure
Air, O2, N2
Air, N2
6.2 +/- 0.7 bar (90 +/- 10 psig)

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