Compact, lightweight and capable. Our MMA welding equipment meets

professional welding demands in every respect. Arc ignition and stability

dynamic control ensure that every electrode burns effortlessly to produce

quality welds. All models are power generator compatible and able to

operate in a wide range of conditions from sub zero temperatures to desert heat.

Master 315

Master 315 is a stylish and practical stick welding machine, that guarantees optimal welding performance and fast parameter setting.

Master S

Master S is designed for high-performance Stick (MMA) welding. Power source including cellulose welding characteristics provides great welding results with pleasurable welding experience.

Minarc Evo

Little giant of stick (MMA) welding for wherever work takes you.


Minarc 150 1ph and 220 3ph Classic MMA welding machines are light in weight, but robust, durable and impact resistant, ideal for workshop and site environments.

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