Experience next-generation steel welding with X5 FastMig, an industrial multi-process
                                 welding machine developed by Kemppi in collaboration with professional welders. Available
                                 in 400A and 500A models, the X5 FastMig is a versatile arc welding powerhouse built with
                                 energy-efficient inverter technology. Touch Sense Ignition enables a reliable, non-short-
                                 circuit ignition, which paired with Wise special processes minimizes spatter
                                 and creates high-quality welds you can count on.

                                 Made in Finland, the X5 FastMig is built to last. The clear, graphical panel is impact-resistant,
                                 fast to adopt, and easy to operate. Well-balanced Flexlite GX welding guns with excellent
                                 cooling enhance the welding experience even further. The modular setup and wide range of
                                 accessories bring flexibility and efficiency to welding production processes.