MasterTig MLS ACDC

MasterTig MLS 2300 / 3003 ACD

Key features

The best tools make demanding work easy. MasterTig MLS ACDC offers TIG welding professionals the necessary control to meet their exacting needs.Whatever the application, enjoy the performance. Model choice includes a 230A version with 1-phase 230V power supply, and 300A versions with 3-phase 400V or 230/460V power supply. MasterTig MLS ACDC is a precise aluminium welding specialist that suits all welded materials. Modular design allows you to build the package that best suits your needs.

Choose from either ACS or ACX control panels allowing fast adjustment of base parameters including: pre/post gas time, AC arc frequency and slope time values. ACS provides all necessary controls for DC, AC and MIX TIG  welding with either HF or contact ignition. ACX offers additional functions  including MicroTack, memory channels and pulsed welding function.





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