ArcFeed 200/300/300P/300RC

MIG/MAG productivity from any CC or CV welding power source


Key features

ArcFeed 200 and 300 are voltage sensing wire feed units for productive MIG/MAG welding and can be used from almost every welding power source, including welder generators. Even old static MMA equipment can be transformed for productive MIG/MAG welding.

ArcFeed gives a good, smooth start and the backlit LCD display is protected by thick polycarbonate glass. ArcFeed equipment only requires one power cable and the earth return lead from the power source, so it’s ideal for site conditions where multi-core control cables could easily damage. Less cable means less to carry on site, making the lightweight cabinets easy to live with.

Each unit is equipped with a 4x4 wire drive mechanism and ArcFeed 300RC model is equipped with a useful remote control function for adjusting welding current.

Other additional features include:

• Burn back time control

• Wire inch switch

• Gas test

• Post gas timer.

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