FastMig X


FastMig X

Product description

 Kemppi's FastMig X product series is a versatile range of high-end multi-process welding equipment. It contains device and software components specially designed for certain welding applications.
There are three ready-made sample setups available forFastMig X: Regular,Pipeand Intelligent , all of them either air or liquid cooled.
This datasheet presents the FastMig X Regular setup, which is intendedfor basic pulse MIG/MAG welding in robust workshop use. Please see also the datasheets for the Pipe and Intelligent setups.

Sample setup: FastMig X Regular
  • Power source options: FastMig X 450, 350 or 350MV (multi-voltage), all of them including the MMA option.
  • Fixed X 37 power source control panel contains 10 user profiles and 10 memory channels for each profile. Can be replaced with the Remote X 37 panel.
  • Wire feeder options: WFX 200 or WFX 300.
  •  Cool X cooling unit for liquid-cooled setups.
  • WiseFusion™ welding optimization software.
  • Work Pack selection of welding programs.
  • Several optional extras. See the next page for further details.
NOTE: All wire feeders are delivered without feed rolls, liners and wire guide tubes. They can be ordered separately based on the welding application. For information, please visit

    Wire feeders 

              WFX 200 and WFX 300:

  • Wire spool sizes: 5 kg/200 mm in WFX 200 and 20 kg/200 mm in WFX 300.
  • Equipped with the reliable DuraTorque™ wire feed mechanism.
  • WiseFusion™ included for ensuring consistent weld quality in all positions. 
  • Compatible with all Wise™ software products.
  • Pulsed and double-pulsed MIG/MAG included.
  • ArcVoltage feature included. It measures the actual voltage at the welding arc and displays it on the control panel. This helps you keep your

     welding values inside the predefined range regardless of the size and length of the cables.



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