MIG / MAG Welding

MIG/MAG Welding

Because welding applications vary, we design products to meet specific needs. So if you're looking for a lightweight compact machine or modular welding equipment for heavy industry, you can be sure to select the right machine for the task.


Designed for welders with an eye for quality, Kemppi MIG/MAG equipment keeps the technology on the inside and simple, intuitive control and performance outside. Real world welding satisfaction.



>> MinarcMig Evo

>> Kempact RA

>> FastMig M

>> FastMig X

>> Kempact MIG/Kempact Pulse

>> ArcFeed

>> X3 MIG  Welder

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    เครื่องเชื่อมซีโอทูใหม่ล่าสุดรุ่น X3จาก Kemppi ผลิตที่ประเทศฟินแลนด์ คุณภาพสูงแต่กินไฟต่ำ ได้มาตรฐานยุโรป มีให้เลือก 400 และ 500 แอมป์ 60% duty cycle พร้อมอุปกรณ์ครบชุด ปืนเชื่อม ส...

  • MinarcMig Evo 170-200.jpg
    MinarcMig Evo 170/200 Key features MinarcMig Evo machines pack huge MIG/MAG welding capacity and quality into their portable, compact size. Choose from either 200 A or 170 A models...

  • 140prod_kempact_ra_welder.jpg
    Kempact RA Key features Designed for the modern welding workshop, Kempact RA expresses stylish and purposeful design through high build quality and functional user benefits, mak...

  • maxresdefault.jpg
    FastMig M A new breed of industrial workhorse Benefits Modular design Two package options: Regular and Synergic Multi-voltage power supply version available WiseFusion™ option...

  • FastMig X Product description Kemppi's FastMig X product series is a versatile range of high-end multi-process welding equipment. It contains device and software components specia...

  • kempactmig-2530.jpg
    Kempact MIG 2530, Pulse 3000 Key features Kempact 2530 is 70% lighter in weight than traditional step regulated machines. Electronic control of voltage and wire speed allows arc tu...

  • arcfeed-4.jpg
    ArcFeed 200/300/300P/300RC MIG/MAG productivity from any CC or CV welding power source Key features ArcFeed 200 and 300 are voltage sensing wire feed units for productive MIG/MAG ...
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