Master MLS

Master MLS 2500/3500

Key features

        Master MLS machines offer the best choice in MMA welding refinement. Combine either the 250 or 350 amp power source with the basic MEL or advanced MEX control panels for outstanding welding performance. High 40% duty cycle ensures you have the work capacity to get the job done; whilst the compact and lightweight specification makes work around site easy. Control panel options MEL and MEX include all of the necessary parameter functions for high quality MMA welding. MEL panel includes process selection for MMA or basic TIG welding, large, clear meter display, hot start and arc force control, plus remote control function. MEX panel offers a more diverse selection of parameter controls including: Electronic electrode type selector, arc gouging, or broken arc welding technique and memory channel function. High quality TouchArc function provides a credible DC TIG welding facility.


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