MMA Welding


MMA Welding


Compact, lightweight and capable. Kemppi MMA equipment meets professional welding demands in every respect. Arc igition and stability dynafmic control ensure every ellectrode burns effortlessly to produce quality weldind.


All models are power generator compatible and able to operate in sub zero or desert sun conditions. So whether you need to repair your snow bide or complete that steel building project in the heat of the midday sun, you can trust Kemppi MMA equipment to get the job done.

>> Minarc 150 Classic

>> Minarc Evo 180

>> Minarc 220

>> Master MLS

>> Master S

>> KempGouge

  • Minarc150.png
    Minarc 150 is a 1-phase, 140 A DC MMA welding power source. This little powerhouse comes with everything you need to start welding. It has a durable casing and it is easy to carry ...

  • Minarc Evo 180.jpg
    Minarc Evo 180 More powerful and affordable than ever before The little MMA giant is back, stronger than ever Kemppi has upgraded the powerful Minarc Evo equipment range. Minarc E...

  • Varilni-aparat-Kemppi-MINARC-TIG-EVO-200-TTC-220-8m_im1.png.jpg
    Minarc 220 Powerful, portable and compact Minarc 220 is a three phase, 220A DC MMA welding power source, offering a truly portable specification for welding technicians on the mov...

  • prod_master_mls_3500_left.jpg
    Master MLS 2500/3500 Key features Master MLS machines offer the best choice in MMA welding refinement. Combine either the 250 or 350 amp power source with the basic MEL or advance...

  • master_s_500.jpg
    Master S 400/500 Master S series MMA power sources are designed for high-performance professional welding. They offer a compact, robust and portable MMA power source with optimum ...

  • 0001.jpg
    KempGouge™ ARC 800 Key features and options KempGouge off ers 800 amps of gouging power with 50% duty cycle. The characteristics curve is specifi cally designed for carbon arc gou...
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