The Plasmacam DHC2 is designed and manufactured in the USA and is the World’s leading CNC robotic plasma cutting machine of its kind complete with a 3 YEAR WARRANTY.

The compact Plasmacam DHC2 CNC plasma cutting machine is ideal for restricted floor space. A cutting area of 1220mm x 1220mm complete with digital height control(DHC) and your choice of a Hypertherm Powermax plasma cutter to suit your requirements.

The Hypertherm ranges starts with the Powermax 45 which pierces 12mm and is available in single or three phase configuration. Other models include the Powermax 65, 85 and 105. The larger Powermax 105 has a piercing capacity of 22mm and edge start of 32mm. All machines are supplied with a mechanised cutting torch.




  • Unique Digital Height Control reliably controls the height of the torch
  • Precision servo motors utilize optical encoder feedback for closed-loop operation
  • Closed-loop servo controller achieves superior accuracy, speed and acceleration providing perfect positioning even in demanding conditions
  • All speeds are adjustable during operation
  • Machine can automatically slow down when cutting around corners & holes
  • For maximum accuracy the gantry is synchronously driven from both ends
  • Moving parts are rigid without excessive weight. This enhances performance – providing fine detailed cutting and high productivity through fast cutting speeds
  • Strong drive train built to perform in heavy production. Drive train and electronics are protected from plasma dust and guide rollers move unobstructed
  • Durable steel frame with integral cutting grate
  • The cutting grate precisely aligns to the frame with stops that perfectly position material for indexing and utilizing sheet edges for long parts



ModelTorchPiercingRecommended Cutting ThicknessMaximum Cutting ThicknessSeverance
Powermax 45 Machine 12mm 12mm 19mm 25mm
Powermax 65 Machine 16mm 19mm 25mm 32mm
Powermax 85 Machine 19mm 25mm 32mm 38mm
Powermax 105 Machine 22mm 32mm 38mm 50mm
Powermax 125 Machine 25mm 38mm 44mm 57mm